Maureen Chirambaguhwa | TelOne - Head of Marketing and Business Development

Maureen Chirambaguhwa is the Head of Marketing and Business Development with TelOne Zimbabwe. She is responsible for revenue diversification and the growth of the business’s Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT) model. This has led to the business delving into IPTV and the birthing of TelOne Digital Entertainment on Demand Service (DEOD) which offers a subscription based (SVOD) service since October 2018 in partnership with Discover Digital. The content strategy is based on Partnerships with OTT content distributors as well as developing local content through the TelOne On the Roof concerts that are live-streamed from the DEOD Platform. Maureen is a seasoned marketer with 15 year’s experience in the Telecommunications service Industry. She holds a 1st class Business Studies Marketing degree with the University of Zimbabwe and a 1st class Executive MBA with the University of Arusha Tanzania. She is a certified Marketing Practitioner with the Chartered Institute of Marketing South Africa.