Kabelo Makhudu | JOOX - Music Curator, Label Relations And Content Marketing Lead

Kabelo Makhudu popularly known as KB came into the music industry 4 years ago with one mission in mind make a mark in this thing called the music industry. Striving to make sure to think out the box the career started off with a internship at VOWFM where he became the youngest head of music compiling while changing the sound to what is now trending musically. Upon leaving VOWFM he joined JOOX the music streaming app and created 4 of the most popular playlists in the continent. With his main focus being developing and nurturing young talent - he created a platform with the app which allowed up and coming artists to not only showcase their skills but make a little bit of money while doing. He extended on this idea by creating a competition where these artists not only get to perform for a big artist but help them start conversations that would never happen. Recently he was invited to be apart of the MTV Hottest MC - New Wave panel. In addition to curating playlists and coming up with marketing strategies, he also is a presenter for the in-app interview series show how much of a triple threat he is.